Mary from Little Rock, Arkansas

At Clearsound Ministries my husband and I have experienced inner healing and deliverance, which has been important to our spiritual growth. We’ve realized our development is a day-by-day process. They taught us incredible biblical truths that set us free. Knowing the truth does indeed set us free.

In our first meeting with Pete and Lynda seeking counsel we had wonderful life changing experiences. The lies of the devil were exposed and the roots where uprooted, especially the ones that came from our forefathers, grandparents and our parents. It is so freeing and marvelous to know and be confident that God loves us so much in Jesus.

My husband had experiences knowing the Father's love. As a result he is now able to appreciate his natural father and also contemplating a life as a father himself.

In our second meeting/fellowship we experienced a godly relationship. We became open to more possibilities because we know they love us and they are not judgmental. We appreciate their effort and the fruits of the Holy Spirit in them. Praise God.

To God be the glory and may Pete and Lynda bear much fruit to present to God our Father and to our Lord Jesus Christ.