Marla, Southern CA...First Report

Two praise reports: I had a revelation two nights ago, that I am no longer controlled by the stronghold of Anorexia. Typically, when I am in a situation that is out of my control I immediately go into not eating. My thought pattern has been, "If I can't control these circumstances, at least I can control my eating." I had prayed for a long time for God to replace that pattern.

I repented of putting Anorexia first in my life and asked Him to fill that void. Well, just two nights ago I realized that I am no longer doing that! Second praise, last night I realized that I no longer have a death wish. Usually when I am in a situation that I can't control I often have thoughts like, "I want to kill myself.", "I wish I was dead.", or "I hate life."

But I just realized last night that with all the change in our lives right now, I in no way want to be dead! Praise God. This is huge. I said all this to say that your prayers for me were really instrumental in helping me get a clear head, and breathe a little easier too.