Mary from Little Rock, Arkansas

At Clearsound Ministries my husband and I have experienced inner healing and deliverance, which has been important to our spiritual growth. We’ve realized our development is a day-by-day process. They taught us incredible biblical truths that set us free. Knowing the truth does indeed set us free.

In our first meeting with Pete and Lynda seeking counsel we had wonderful life changing experiences. The lies of the devil were exposed and the roots where uprooted, especially the ones that came from our forefathers, grandparents and our parents. It is so freeing and marvelous to know and be confident that God loves us so much in Jesus.

My husband had experiences knowing the Father's love. As a result he is now able to appreciate his natural father and also contemplating a life as a father himself.

In our second meeting/fellowship we experienced a godly relationship. We became open to more possibilities because we know they love us and they are not judgmental. We appreciate their effort and the fruits of the Holy Spirit in them. Praise God.

To God be the glory and may Pete and Lynda bear much fruit to present to God our Father and to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Robert, San Jose, CA...2nd Report

A few months later.....

Pete and Lynda,
Oh my gosh…. I don’t know. Ooohhh boy. Mind is very full. The heart feels much more connected. Things haven’t slowed down much schedule-wise and the mind and heart connection came in very handy with my interview. I should hear back in the next couple months or so and will keep you two updated. My wife and I notice HUGE changes in me and it has been interesting walking the changes out day to day. I have noticed myself being more present and responding quicker to challenging situations.

Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With Love, Robert and Family

Marla, Southern CA...Second Report

Hi Lynda and Pete, Below is my Glory story for your webpage.

I am blown away every day when I look back at the healing process in my life and where I am now. God has been and continues to be so faithful. I am a living testimony that the Lord gives mercy and grace sufficient for any healing process and that you CAN face down your personal demons and step into the victory Christ has already won for you, with confidence. It hasn't been an easy path, but I now know that when you purpose within yourself to heal, no matter the cost, God WILL NOT FAIL you. After all, the battle is the Lord's!

Thanks to you both for being an instrumental part of my healing process. I've found that my journey of healing has been one of many components. One of those very key components was the generational cleansing and ministry time that I spent with you and Pete.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being vessels of the Lord to set people free...and for being dear friends.

Love you guys!

Robert, San Jose, CA...First Report

As some of you know, Denell and I went to Oroville [Clearsound Ministries] last weekend to perform some breaking off of generational curses. It was awesome and many big generational things were dealt with. One in particular was a roadblock between my mind and heart connection. Thanks to the work on the cross, that roadblock was removed. Please continue to pray that I walk in the freedom of this and receive only what God has to replace it. For Denell, a victim spirit was removed that had attached to her in the womb... Thank You JESUS!

Marla, Southern CA...First Report

Two praise reports: I had a revelation two nights ago, that I am no longer controlled by the stronghold of Anorexia. Typically, when I am in a situation that is out of my control I immediately go into not eating. My thought pattern has been, "If I can't control these circumstances, at least I can control my eating." I had prayed for a long time for God to replace that pattern.

I repented of putting Anorexia first in my life and asked Him to fill that void. Well, just two nights ago I realized that I am no longer doing that! Second praise, last night I realized that I no longer have a death wish. Usually when I am in a situation that I can't control I often have thoughts like, "I want to kill myself.", "I wish I was dead.", or "I hate life."

But I just realized last night that with all the change in our lives right now, I in no way want to be dead! Praise God. This is huge. I said all this to say that your prayers for me were really instrumental in helping me get a clear head, and breathe a little easier too.

Kelly J.

I came to ClearSound Ministries at a moment in my life when I could no longer control it. My marriage was on the rocks and the secrets I had kept for 20+ years consumed my life. I had turned to Alcohol, trying to fill the void and cover the mess I was in. Through the Grace of God and ClearSound Ministries I have freedom today and my marriage is healed. I praise God for this ministry and look forward to serving the Lord under Pete and Lynda Bowers and ClearSound Ministries.

Kristen Sorani

Kristin Sorani, Pastor's wife, mother, sister, daughter, and a woman on a journey to freedom.

I met Pete and Lynda Bowers through a friend three years ago. Lynda offered to meet with me for a time of ministry after learning that I had had a miscarriage in the last year. She asked if I would “like to spiritually cleanse my womb.” After a few months of trying to get pregnant with no success (first two pregnancies were easy conceptions) and desiring a closer walk with the Lord . . . I said yes.

I had no idea what to expect or what would happen. Although, I knew I was in the right place at the right time. As well, I was so thankful to have someone reaching out to me in a time of need. I was led through some generational cleansing and many sessions of prayer counseling.

Working through and confronting deep emotional pains of the past is quite challenging. God calls us to share our burdens but this is sometimes difficult to do because it is hard to find friends we can really trust with our deepest thoughts and hurts. With Pete and Lynda, it felt safe to share the parts of my heart that needed to be shared so that God could shed His light into the dark areas of my life.

I have believed many lies from our enemy and Lynda has done an incredible job to speak God’s truth into areas of my life where I was unfortunately believing Satan’s lies.

Understanding our identity in Christ is a very powerful weapon as it enables us to walk in His freedom. Pete and Lynda’s ministry has opened my eyes to so much by helping me see who I am in Christ. In a nutshell, they took me in, loved me for being me, embraced me and my pain as I confronted some hard issues, strengthened my wings by revealing God’s truth, and helped me fly better. In this process they have trained me up so that I in turn can share God’s truth to others. I am so thankful that God brought us together and I trust that you will be blessed if you too choose to receive their ministry.

Kristin Sorani
Friend, Pastor’s Wife
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