Expectations that lead us to believe the Word of God is a Truth are pure and good. We call it having faith in the living, active Written Word.

All Truth has a counterfeit, practiced by the prince of the air. Love/hate, Peace/confusion, Pure/evil, Light/darkness, Faith/filthy works, etc.

Satan twists truth and deceives us into placing expectations on natural man, the law or world around us.

When we put any other thing in the place the Lord Jesus Christ is called to rule we have allowed ourselves to fall into deception and in time our expectations bring hurt and pain which can cause bitter root defilement.

Hebrews 12:15
“See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God; that no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble, and by it many be defiled.”

Examples of feelings or actions exposing either bitter-root judgements or expectations:
    •    Sinful reactions to hurt
    •    Condemning and judgmental attitudes
    •    Refusal or inability to forgive someone
    •    Habits of self-fulfilling prophecy; always, never;  No one ever listens to me. Women are always over emotional. You can't talk to a man, they don’t understand.

Expectations based on deception will bring bitter roots. Satan loves to use the principles of God against God’s children. The principle that we will reap what we sow, is one powerful practice he uses.

Example: You have parents that  didn’t know how to love you like Christ wanted. Now you have had bitterness in your heart towards them for years. You expected them to fill your needs emotionally, and they didn’t.  You judged them as un-loving and set yourself up to reap that same judgement from your own children. Forgiving them brought freedom to love them unconditionally. Forgiving yourself will bring freedom to you. Freedom to help your seed see the changes in your relationship towards them.   

We do not lose our peace from another's sin, but from our own. Find the wrong expectation or judgement and deal with it however Christ leads you.

~ Lynda Bowers