Giver of the Universe


This poem came while I was thinking about how I see God.

Oh how great are you, who cause the waves to roll.
The one who gave the butterfly, such beauty to behold.

And in my life though things went sadly wrong,
The Giver of the universe put in my heart a song.

He rescued me, from myself, and wickedness untold.
He set my feet upon the rock, now I can be so BOLD!

To speak His word, to touch a soul, to be a light to those
with stony hearts and rocky soil and places that are closed.

Sometimes I till, sometimes I plant, sometimes I weep with those,
and wet the soil of love and grace that new life might grow.

Oh my Giver of the universe such grace did you bestow,
that I walk free, in my heart, spirit mind and soul!

Praise God...