How do we celebrate the Birth of Christ?


Well I have plenty of time on my hands so I wrote this. Thinking about how I hate knowing so many believers celebrate Halloween…. I just don't understand Christian behavior when it comes to Christmas. We are lying to our kids about Santa Claus, and many of us are not walking in the Spirit of Christ at Christmas. If I make you mad, sorry!!! truly not my intent…


Setting here waiting for my husband’s dialysis treatment to come to an end I have plenty of time to consider why and what I do believe is important in my life.

From the time I was very little, telling the truth seemed one of the strongest feelings I lived with. I wasn’t able to tell even those little white lies. My friends soon learned, don’t expect Lynda to tell you she likes something if she doesn’t. Praise the Lord, I learned how to still be honest and yet not so black and white without thought to the person asking, who generally didn’t want the truth if it wasn’t what they hoped to hear anyway.

Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

For years I have watched, listened, and wondered in amazement how believers handle this holiday. There is such a lack of Christ centered emotions floating all over the place. And sad as it is Christians are just a bad and sometimes worse than those who don’t claim to love the Christ in the Christ-mas reason we say we celebrate.

Yikes… sometimes I don’t want the poor sales clerk to associate me with those who I other wise would consider very loving and giving. At least they appear to be so while singing, “Make me like you Lord during a church service.” Now it is hurry up or get out of my way I was here first. SAD! I know that isn't always the case, but it is often the case!

Doesn’t it say somewhere in the bible, God hates liars?

I learned long ago lying is simply not telling the truth. Either by omitting facts that change how the story unfolds to those listening, or flat out lying about the event on purpose. Both present an untruth. The first sin exposed was deception.

So how is it that generally Christian or not, people treat Christmas as if it is all about a fat jolly man wearing a funny red suit, who is on every corner handing out candy and breaking into our homes Christmas eve? Really, you want to tell your kids He is going to slide down a hot smokey chimney while expecting cookies and milk in exchange for gifts he will leave YOUR children if they were nice and not naughty all year?

Even Hallmark and other pretty safe TV channels are full of using Santa as a make-believe saint. Saint Nichols was a man and he did have the gift of goodness. But Santa isn’t Saint Nick. He is a lie. I must be so different; these things make me call upon the fruit of self-control! I wonder how my Lord feels, the one who took the beating so I didn’t have to. I can't help but question myself with sad emotions wondering how He feels when He has to watch many of His children celebrating a day calling it his birthday but using one of the biggest lies to do so.. SANTA CLAUSE Ho Ho Ho! Debt spending, and fear someone is going to think you didn’t spend enough on them!

The TV movies even those that have touching Christ like qualities still have parents totally lying to their children about a fake man who doesn’t exist and if he did wouldn’t care a hoot about what they got for Christmas.

As parents, let's speak the truth to our kids, so we won’t stand before God and try and explain how we allowed a world system belief to cause us to finally say, “Happy Holidays” verses "Merry Christmas and may the Lord Bless you this season!"

So Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Lynda Lou