Sit Down!


When Pete and I first moved to Northwest Arkansas, we experienced many new adventures, tests, trials, and emotions. At one point while seeking understanding, I literally saw myself and felt as if I were in a boat.

Pete and I were standing in this boat and Jesus was standing in the center of the boat and it was rocking extremely hard!

I inquired of the Lord, "Why is it rocking so hard?" for it felt as if it was going to actually turn over. Peacefully, He simply responded, saying, "Sit down."

In the vision we sat down and all rocking stopped!

Many times since I have remembered this special time and sat myself down again.

When we sit down and He is standing, then our eyes always look up! He is the prince of Peace!
Rocking boats or calm waters matters not. Eyes fixed on His love and protection will keep our hearts steadfast and immovable!