Key to Freedom


Good Morning World! I love to get up and know I have freedom to choose pretty much how my own day will go.

I'm not able to choose what you might do or say or think, but I can decide how I will let your actions or words affect my day.

Such freedom, and such responsibility placed into that freedom!

Sometimes I do well. Sometimes I do poorly. But I take responsibility towards how I will end my day, knowing it matters, and I truly enjoy a good night's sleep. When I allow others to control me, by letting their stuff control my mind and my thoughts, I have truly lost the freedom I gained in surrendering my life to Christ. So with an act of my personal will I talk to the Lord, sometimes a lot, asking for help so I can let it go.

I love to find out what has a hook in me. What seed was sown in me to cause me to actually bite their hook? What unfinished business Lord, perhaps forgiveness? Often it is as simple as that. Am I still holding them to my standard and have not let them off my own hook? Maybe I haven't forgiven them from my heart for not meeting my expectations.

People will always see things through different perspectives, no issue there. Really it isn't a bad thing, and those who allow dialogue (not arguing) with others that see differently, learn and grow. Many times the Lord redirects our slant or understanding when there are differences of interpretation. What we do towards those who don't react according to our perception is the key to knowing who you are or who your are not. Freedom is a wonderful gift; don't let others take it from you by not obeying the Wisdom of God. Love freely even if you differ on interpretation; allow them to think how they think and let it go. It was never your job to set the world free. Christ came, He conquered and He rose again. He holds the universe in His hands and He is capable of finishing the good work He began in His children. Enjoy the parts you agree upon and honor one another in that way.