Cross Over in 2012


12/25/2011 - Christmas morning - My package from my Lord:

I woke this morning with a message burning in my mind. It was as if I were preaching in an open space to the wind that would carry the message.

A hard word but a needed word, for the time to cross over is Now.

I had a glimpse a few weeks ago of thousands of people walking across a bridge. On their backs were knapsacks, hanging heavy and weighing them down. It was a bridge over troubled waters.

The people were almost to the other side but had yet to release the load they were carrying.

Brothers and sisters, you will not cross over with the old hanging on your back - pulling you back to old habits, mindsets, even destructive ways. We are in a time where those who are led, will lead.  Many things will be established in 2012, for it is a governmental year and the government must rest on His shoulders or it will fail.

Christ asked,  "Who do you say that I am?"  Peter responded correctly, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."  Is He the good shepherd, your healer, deliverer, protector, teacher, groom, husband, and the just and loving God? The One you worship and who sits on the throne of your heart? What fruit is your heart producing?

God is always with us, living inside of us, once we receive Him as our Lord. He has first hand knowledge of the things we truly deal with - or won't deal with.

This is not the year to allow your emotions nor your past accomplishments to be god. What the Lord desires will be done through those who understand He alone is supreme.

2012 has so much promise packed into it for the man, woman, youth and child who has crossed over into abandonment and total reliance upon the God they have access to.  The earth is crying out for the sons and daughters to understand it is not the time to retreat in caves full of fear, but to cross over and receive new assignments which were predetermined with all of us in mind.

Those who choose, by an act of their will, to stay in charge of their lives will find their knapsack getting heavier and heavier to carry this year. They will simply sink into the muck and mire. The time to let go is now; we all have to deal with self to cross over.

Pete and I have been having dreams lately. One thing I've noticed is that they all have to do with our past. Back door, back yards, old houses, neighborhood, past. And many times, there have been things in the dream associated with death.

Truly we have to stop and take care of this old season to move into the new. Let go of past failures. Use them as a springboard for the new. Cut ties with dead weights strapped to our ankles.  Let relationships that only steal from your life die. Forgive and truly let go. Deal with self.

What is the reason you hang on? Life is what it is, and no matter how much one can desire good for another, it is a God-given freedom to choose for oneself.

Some will not deal with their issues so they can be healed. Christ offered His life, and all who came to Him received. He didn't beg, manipulate or cry Himself to sleep.  He offered to all, a free gift and when it was not accepted, He simply walked away. Learn from Him and the false sense of shame and guilt will be lifted off your shoulders. Express love where His love is received and shake the dust off of the good news when it is rejected.

To cross over, one must love self enough to let go and to drop those knapsacks filled with past remembrances, both good and painful. It is a new day and the government will rest on His shoulders, REST being the key.  He is faithful. Ask Him to help you DEAL WITH SELF and cross over into the glorious new, prepared just for you.

Lynda Lou Bowers


UPDATE: Sept 14th, 2012 on our drive towards home, the Lord not only shows us His rainbow, but we actually drive through it.