New Face to the Website


We've recently moved the website to a new platform on Squarespace, and have given the website a stunning new look, with a fresh template and some amazing nature shots taken from our very own back yard!

Take a look at the new site to revisit some favorite teachings from past years, and new thoughts in the blog.

Stay tuned for a crisp, clear sound as it comes forth!

Our time is now


Many in the body of Christ, many like myself have waited patiently for direction from the Lord, for understanding and for purpose.

I’m here to tell you God has always heard your cry and always had your best in mind. He’s kept you, sustained you, and now He is ready to release you.

As you have kept your position, one of bending your knee, one of obedience even in very difficult situations, He has been putting upon you, your wings!

Drawing your colors and preparing the people you will touch with your generosity, with your kindness, and with your faithfulness unto Him.

This is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it!

Lynda Bowers

Running my own race


Today, as I look back and remember this entry from 6 years ago, I realize that I AM running my own race. While I do stumble often, I know His voice, so I stand back up, dust self off and continue to advance forward. I absolutely love knowing my Lord as my coach in life...

March 21, 2012:

Psalms 27:13 - "Where would I be if I did not believe I would experience the Lord's favor in the land of the living?"

It might take many years to see the fulfillment of the promises of God, but keep the faith and run your own race and you WILL experience it.

The Mouth Speaks


.... Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks... Ouch!

So if we will actually allow ourselves to hear our words then we can understand it is not God who is not responding to our prayerful needs but the word is not hidden in our hearts. We are not hidden in Christ. For if we were, then we would be overflowing with gratitude and thankfulness no matter what the test.

We might not enjoy it, but still we understand that in Him we can do all things - even endure a hardship that seems unbearable. And in that place we begin to thank Him for helping us.

More About Pete and Lynda

More About Pete and Lynda

Pete and Lynda Bowers each found inner healing and freedom nearly 40 years ago, while living in Northern California. It is their desire to help others know the truth about who they truly are so they too can live in freedom and joy.

Both served the local church as well as other ministries in many different capacities.

They are loved and remembered today for the small groups, hosted inside their home for many years in Northern Ca. prior to moving to NW Arkansas.

Stepping Out


Sometimes it just takes stepping out of the boat to realize you can walk on water. Peter wasn't God. He was just like the rest of us except that he wanted above all else to go meet Jesus. He didn't start to lose his stride until he stopped beholding Jesus' face and looked down at the waves.

So it is with all of us. Stay focused on the goal and keep your eyes on Him, not the circumstances. And when you find yourself slipping, call out. He will always respond and lift you back up.

Sit Down!


When Pete and I first moved to Northwest Arkansas, we experienced many new adventures, tests, trials, and emotions. At one point while seeking understanding, I literally saw myself and felt as if I were in a boat.

Pete and I were standing in this boat and Jesus was standing in the center of the boat and it was rocking extremely hard!

I inquired of the Lord, "Why is it rocking so hard?" for it felt as if it was going to actually turn over. Peacefully, He simply responded, saying, "Sit down."

In the vision we sat down and all rocking stopped!

Many times since I have remembered this special time and sat myself down again.

When we sit down and He is standing, then our eyes always look up! He is the prince of Peace!
Rocking boats or calm waters matters not. Eyes fixed on His love and protection will keep our hearts steadfast and immovable!

Right Belief


Right belief ends up with right behavior.
Right behavior ends up with right results.
Union with God ends up with Assurance.
Assurance ends up with knowing you are the child of God.

Knowing you are the child of God ends up with having the life God died for you to have and possess this side of heaven - life more abundantly.

2/27/05 - Lynda Bowers' journal